Strategic Leadership and Governance

Strategic Leadership and Governance

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Strategic Leadership and Governance

An effective leadership is critical for councils in achieving their ambitions and delivering service excellence. Equally key is strong governance, which is the route to efficient and transparent

decision-making and engagement. Both are vital parts of the functioning of councils and if they do not work well and in harmony the council will struggle to fulfil its ambitions.

At Cratus we have a range of expertise to help you improve your council’s

relationships and performance. Our service is well suited to ambitious councils seeking to improve as well as those facing a transition in leadership with a need to reset the leadership’s ways of working.

We can support you in a range of ways, including:

  • Functioning of Cabinet and political strategic leadership
  • Functioning of the senior team providing officer leadership
  • Governance of partnerships and alternative delivery models
  • Decision making processes and arrangements
  • Leadership, membership, and officer relationships
  • Council culture and internal engagement
  • Post-Covid ways of working

The first step in our leadership and governance review is understanding your political priorities and ambitions. We will then undertake a series of interviews and an information gathering exercise to inform our analysis to present back to the Leadership of the Council. Following the review, we can support you in addressing any issues which may emerge to accelerate the delivery of your political priorities, working with both officers and members to drive improvement.

To effectively support you, our team will be made up of advisors with both political and officer expertise and experience suited to your situation.

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