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Supreme Court decides on Cherkley Court


It has today been revealed that the Supreme Court has refused the Cherkley Campaign permission to appeal the decision made by the Court of Appeal because the application ‘does not raise an arguable point of law of general public importance.’

In addition the Court of Appeal has today also refused the Cherkley Campaign’s challenge regarding the Landscape and Ecology Management Plan approved by Mole Valley District Council. This decision upholds the conclusions of the High Court that the proceedings were an abuse of process, brought out of time and unarguable.

The application was first approved by Mole Valley District Council’s Development Control committee in April and then again in May 2012.

We are delighted that today the local councillors who sat on that committee, and have had their integrity challenged repeatedly during the last two years of legal battles, can feel vindicated in their decision. Cherkley Court has brought out the very best in Cratus – not only has our client been challenged at every stage to prove the validity of their proposals but we have continually had to raise the bar in our own work to support them. We would like to thank our client, our team and those in Mole Valley who have trusted us and have today been vindicated for giving us and our client such tremendous support over the last 3 years.

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