Gemma Gallant

Managing Director - Communities, and People

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About Gemma

Gemma Gallant is our Managing Director of Communities, and People and set up the Communities service from scratch in 2018.

With an impressive track record which positions her as an expert in community engagement, Gemma is passionate about involving people in building resilient and sustainable communities. She leads the Communities team in designing engagement approaches which reach every corner of the community at each stage of the development process, generating not just the best result for her clients but also the highest levels of future ownership for local communities.

Gemma joined Cratus after a ten year career running communication and engagement initiatives aimed at involving the whole local community in service planning for the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames. This included pioneering youth engagement activities, leading community development projects and leading the Borough’s response to major incidents as part of the silver response team. Gemma’s local authority background means she is not only skilled in a full range of communication and engagement disciplines, but this experience also gives her the ability to build great working relationships with council officers and councillors across the political spectrum.

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