Vikki Slade

Associate Director

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About Vikki

Vikki is a councillor and former Leader of Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole Council.  Having served as a councillor since 2011 on a smaller unitary council, BCP Council was formed, becoming the 12th largest unitary council and Vikki was elected as the first leader -creating the Unity Alliance, a multi-party coalition.

Vikki displayed hands-on leadership taking a pragmatic approach to collaboration and negotiating to ensure that the brand new corporate strategic priorities had input across the political spectrum.  She also had a leading role in the Health & Wellbeing Board, Local Enterprise Partnership and as Deputy Leader of Key Cities.

Prior to being elected Leader of the Council, Vikki worked in the charity sector developing a talent for communications, prospect research and relationship building.  She also worked in campaigns and communications for her Member of Parliament and on her retirement was selected to fight three general elections, building a strong personal brand around her community leadership.

Outside of local government Vikki has been a long-standing School Governor, chairs a community safety organisation, set up the first Neighbourhood Forum in the area and runs a youth centre.  


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