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The 2023 Chamberlain Lecture


The 2023 Chamberlain Lecture was a truly special occasion, with the iconic Highbury Hall providing the perfect backdrop for our celebration of the achievements of local government and a look ahead to where the sector is going next.

Our esteemed speaker, the Leader of Birmingham City Council, Councillor John Cotton, followed in the footsteps of Cllr Georgia Gould, Cllr Marvin Rees, Lord Kerslake and Lord Heseltine in delivering a memorable address that will live long in the memory of attendees. This year’s lecture represented a special return to Birmingham to analyse and highlight the relationship between local authorities and the people they represent, which is more crucial than ever before.

Cllr Cotton’s encapsulating speech reflected on leadership and how it’s defined by the challenges it faces, and judged on the number of lives it transforms. He talked about improving the places where we live, work and raise our children, overcoming ‘stubborn inequalities’ and creating an environment where transformational initiatives can flourish, all in the context of the legacy of Joseph Chamberlain.

Cratus would like to give special thanks to our partners at TheMJ and CCLA Investment Management for sponsoring the lecture, and to all those who attended for contributing to what was another truly memorable event.

The Lecture in its entirety can be viewed below and on our Youtube page. Please click here if you want to check out the photo gallery from this year’s Lecture.


The 2023 Chamberlain Lecture