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The Platinum Jubilee: Bringing Communities Back Together


After two years of social distancing and being unable to socialise and interact properly with our neighbours to the fullest, the Platinum Jubilee was the perfect opportunity to reintroduce ourselves and rebuild our community strength as a nation.

There were a record-breaking 16,000 street parties held over the four-day weekend and the Cratus’ Communities team were thrilled to see that residents on many of our developments were part of these events, one of which was St Modwen’s Kingsgrove community.

The Kingsgrove community, gathered to celebrate the Jubilee in style with a garden party. Organised by residents through the power of social media, it was a great opportunity to socialise and meet neighbours within the new community. St Modwen and the local council worked with the organisers to contribute towards the purchase of food, drinks and craft tables for the children, so all residents could enjoy a picnic and have fun.

While we love organising events for residents ourselves, what we enjoy even more is the sense of pride and community ownership that is evident when residents start to do this for themselves. Our expertise is supporting residents through the change that comes with new developments – whether it be the development of new neighbourhoods around them, or seeing new neighbours move into their brand-new homes for the first time.

To find out how we can help you improve engagement with your local community, get in touch with our Communities team lead – Gemma Gallant, MD, Communities and People.

The Platinum Jubilee: Bringing Communities Back Together 1