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On the need for large scale deployment of battery storage


In the transition within the energy market from fossil fuels to low-carbon sources, the need for battery storage is becoming ever greater.

Take domestic heating, for example. In order to meet Britain’s 2050 climate goals, the country needs to move away from natural gas for heating and switch to electricity. At present, gas meets about 67% of domestic energy demand in the UK, and a lot of that goes to heating. According to a report published today by the U.K. Energy Research Centre, cutting back on carbon emissions from the heating sector is “one of the toughest challenges the country faces in its low-carbon transition”.

When the UK’s kettles switch on in the morning and the demand for energy reaches its morning peak, gas is used that has been stored in pipelines overnight. At this moment in time the electricity system cannot replace gas and provide this peak, especially in winter, as there is not enough electricity storage capacity. Significantly increasing thermal storage capacity is desperately needed, alongside other measures such as energy efficiency and adequate insulation of buildings.

Another major driver of the need for battery storage is the rise of electric vehicles (EV). The UK Government announced this week that more than 8 million people in Britain are considering buying or leasing an electric vehicle in the next 5 years. In their Future Energy Scenarios, National Grid report an expected 36m electric vehicles on UK roads by 2040. Battery storage and rapid charging facilities will be instrumental in supplying the electricity demand associated with this increase.

It is to be expected that there will be a real boost in planning applications for energy storage facilities submitted to councils up and down the country. That means that planning committees have the power to greatly influence how quickly the necessary roll-out of energy storage facilities will materialise. As with so many things, yet again, changes that are needed on a national scale are to be realised at the local level. Cratus is there to support all parties involved and secure the best possible outcome for all.