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Unanimous decision for controversial Brent proposal


Earlier this month Cratus succeeded in securing unanimous permission for a controversial housing project in the London borough of Brent.

The consultation process is an excellent case study in the value of a developer being willing to take into account fast changing local views. This approach by our client and the support of a fantastic project team, enabled Cratus to ensure that all the public concerns were resolved before the application came to committee.

The vote which crossed party lines brought to Brent a 34 unit development with an 18% affordable housing rate. Cratus was especially pleased during committee proceedings to be thanked by objectors for their work throughout the development of the scheme.

Thomas Dine, Architect said

“This project was a very hard nut to crack. Nice to hear an objector thank Cratus for their involvement too. Very unusual!”

Nick Kilby of Cratus commented

“It’s not every day we are praised by objectors. Alex Griffiths, who managed the project for Cratus, went the extra mile to ensure the community was fully engaged on this assignment. You cannot cut corners in Brent and we are delighted the scheme received unanimous support for our clients”

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