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Committee Members Briefing – Getting Your Application Over the Line


A Members Briefing is a designed summary document drafted in the run up to your applications decision committee highlighting the key aspects, merits and qualities of an application. It is finalised following the release of the officers’ report, and delivered to Planning Committee Members two to three days before the meeting.

With Committee Members often not having time to read the officers report a Members Briefing can help animate an application and land the major arguments for a proposal to decisionmakers. It will further increase the chances of an approval by emboldening supporters of an application, and de-risk it by helping to assuage any misconceptions or assumptions that committee members may have toward the site, a particular type of development, or the proposal itself.

The document utilises an applications best images and diagrams, highlighting advantageous comments made by officers in the report, in a fully designed four to ten-page document. With the benefit of our in –house design team and sister company Rubber Duckiee, we are able to create bespoke briefings to ensure your message resonates with members.

A briefing can be produced as part of broader programme of work, or independently to help get an application ‘over the line’. Combined with a honed deputation at committee, a Members Briefing represents the final actions to help see a proposal through to a successful planning outcome.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a Briefing to help support your project. 020 8629 7190 or [email protected]