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Day in the life of an Intern


Iā€™m Courtney and I have just completed my first month as an Intern at Cratus Communications. I have been working as a member of the Public Affairs team, working on a variety of projects with the rest of the team. Whilst I am mainly based in the Public Affairs team, I have also been helping with tasks in other teams throughout the company, such as Communities, Planning and Marketing.

Through the allocation of tasks across all the above teams, I can gain as much experience as possible and identify exactly what it is that I want to do when I have finished my degree in Politics and International Relations. I first came to Cratus Communications in April 2022 for 2 weeks of work experience and enjoyed my time so much that I decided to come back to work throughout my summer break before completing my final year at university.

Highlights from my time at Cratus Communications so far include:

  • Attending the Chamberlain Lecture and meeting many significant figures in local government, including Georgia Gould and Heather Jameson.
  • Having meetings at the beginning and end of the week with my team to discuss the plan for the week ahead and to discuss how the week has gone.
  • Working in the brilliant offices as they are an incredibly encouraging workspace that gives me motivation to get up early and commute to work twice a week.
  • Working on weekly reports for clients.

The entire Cratus team were both welcoming and accommodating during my work experience and have continued to be since the first day that I came back as an intern.

I feel that doing an internship at Cratus will really help me to grow and develop in both my degree and my career as it will further my understanding of politics. Already it has shown me how diverse a career in politics can be.

Day in the life of an Intern