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Engaging with local government


On the 29th June the Cratus senior management team departed en masse for Harrogate – the scene of this year’s Local Government Association conference.

Local government is often ignored or only paid lip service by the “Big Corporates” who believe they can only derive value from engaging with national government. This was made clear at the conference where there was virtually no-one from the property sector present and only a limited number of service providers. We believe this is a missed opportunity.

In the vast majority of cases it is Council Leaders and elected members who have the power to either help or hinder your business, especially when it comes to the often complex and controversial matters of planning and procurement.

Leaders and elected members are the ones best placed to know what is right for their communities and how businesses can help them realise their ambitions. Making an investment into the conference so you can hear first hand from attendees about their needs and how you can make your business work for them to benefit both parties is crucial.

This year we were delighted to be supporting Bouygues Energies and Services; we hosted a series of sessions, covering a variety of topics, on their stand to enable councillors to discuss candidly the issues they face.

David Carr the Deputy Chief Executive said: ‘It was a real pleasure working with Cratus.  Their extensive knowledge of the Local Government sector and creative support allowed us to maximise our impact and profile at the Conference.  The feedback from the facilitated workshops they organised on our behalf has been superb.’

In addition to organising events at the stand we also held an exclusive, invitation only party on the first night which was attended by over 80 Council Leaders, cabinet members and chief executives. We would strongly recommend to all our clients that they should get involved next year – for more information please contact Katharine Marriott – Executive Director – Cratus Strategic on 0203 198 5793.

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