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Watch: Episode 13 – Travel & Tourism


As the travel industry reopens for business and we all start thinking about travelling outside our local area, we look at whether travel for leisure can ever be good for the environment and whether eco-travel is just virtue signalling or can have a truly positive impact on fragile environments.

Portia Hart, founder of several hotels and beach clubs in Columbia and director of Regenerative Travel shares how she went from working on superyachts in Monaco to creating jobs from waste in Columbia and how we don’t need to be perfect to make a difference. It makes a change to hear a guest admitting that they didn’t start out with the intention of being a sustainable business but were simply trying to find somewhere to get a glass of rose on a beach with good music!

We also discuss how being sustainable just makes sense for a business – using less raw materials and generating less waste and learn more about how the businesses developed over time to attract visitors with a conscience.

Portia’s message about the need for a whole team to understand environmental impact and how sustainability in one place can look very different from another. Some interesting discussions about the democratisation of travel and how luxury travel is by its nature wasteful and advice on starting where you are and making a change.

This episode of What Has The Environment Ever Done For Us brings us a literal window on the world and some great business tips too. All episodes of our webinar which is a collaboration between Cratus and Stantec can be found at our You Tube Channel or via the Cratus website where you can read more about Cratus 2050 and how we can help bring your climate plan to life and help win more business.

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