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Episode 7: The Great Restoration


This week we brought you the seventh episode in the Cratus and Stantec webinar series, ‘What Has The Environment Ever Done For Us?’.

Now available on demand, this episode revolved around the theme of carbon removal, with special guest speaker: Tim Kruger, Oxford Martin Fellow and Programme Manager, Oxford Geoengineering Programme.

Tim was joined by our regular panel: Nick Kilby and Vikki Slade from Cratus, as well as Jonathan Riggall and Jenny Hughes from Stantec.

Alongside our nominations of policy of the month, climate hero and hypocrite of the month (awarded to the children and the G7 Summit organisers, respectively); conversation was all about putting the ‘net’ in net-zero. Talking about the big questions like what are the different ways we can remove carbon dioxide from air? Do they have much potential, and how can we utilise them on a large scale? Also, where does producing negative emissions fit into the greater picture?

For our next episode, you may recognise our special guest, as we welcome Mock COP26 Campaign Coordinator, Joshua Tregale, back to the ‘What Has The Environment Ever Done For Us?’ stage. Passionate about climate education, we’ll be looking back to Josh’s first episode with us, and discussing what’s changed since then. Registration for the event will be up on our website soon, so watch this space.

In the meantime, catch-up with all our previous episodes on our new YouTube channel. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the series and any of the content that’s been discussed by our panel so far. Please send any feedback to [email protected].

If you would like to find out more about how Cratus can support you and your organisation in reaching your climate goals, please contact Vikki Slade.

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