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Steve Quartermain in Conversation with Gail Mayhew


Steve Quartermain in Conversation with Gail Mayhew Commissioner – Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission

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The “Steve Quartermain in conversation with’’ series continues with an absorbing discussion between the former Chief Planner and Gail Mayhew in her capacity as one of the commissioners who produced the Building Better Building Beautiful Report.

In this episode Steve and Gail explore:

  • the importance of place in people’s lives
  • how a longer term development model based upon “stewardship” can deliver both a great place and a great return
  • the vital role infrastructure plays in delivering great places
  • the value of an effective engagement strategy with local communities

In a nutshell – it’s all about people, place and patient money. And marshmallows.

We hope you enjoy this conversation – it follows on from earlier discussions between Steve and MHCLG Secretary of State Robert Jenrick and also Shadow Secretary of State Steve Reed that are still available for you to view via our newsroom.

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Steve Quartermain in Conversation with Gail Mayhew