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Small Councils, Big Opportunities for Climate Action


This week is LGA Conference week, where we would normally be meeting councils to talk about their needs and ambitions, identifying areas where our clients can support them and build networks to promote idea sharing.

With this moving online, many more councillors and officers have been able to engage with each other but not with us. That’s why we have decided to take our fringe event online too.

The LGA policy paper, ‘Build Back Local, Building Back Better’ talks in some detail about the need for local responses recognizing differing local needs and impacts across the country’s diverse communities. It showcases some great examples of what can be done with the right resources and the right framework. But, we wanted to challenge back whether councils have what they need.

The smallest district councils and parish or town councils across the country are the closest to their communities but have much more limited powers, expertise and access to funding. Things are changing with the passporting of the Community Infrastructure Levy to the most local level, but we look at whether it’s enough.

How do we harness Parish Power to influence residents on hyper local projects that may open their eyes to the need for more significant behaviour change? Do the current frameworks support the ability to pool resources? Can councils act quickly enough to respond to changing demands or national policy direction?

We talk to representatives from the NALC (National Association Local Councils) and DCN (District Councils Network along with a parish councillor and representative from Bioregional to talk about Net-Zero and what local councils need to do to reach their climate ambitions.

Internally, Cratus has joined the Race to Zero as a commitment to our environment. Externally, we are working to link councils with providers of Net Zero solutions and working with our clients to refine messaging reflecting their climate aspirations. In addition to this, we are helping move organisations towards their own zero-carbon solutions, so they can access work with local authorities that have declared a climate and ecological emergency.

Get in touch with Vikki Slade to find out how we can help you. On the 19th July, we’re hosting ‘Decarbonising Energy: A Community-Led Approach’. Find out more about the event here.

Small Councils, Big Opportunities for Climate Action