Matt Spencer

Senior Account Executive

Matt Spencer

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About Matt

Matt is a Senior Account Executive in the Planning team, supporting Duncan on Northern Home Counties projects to ensure our clients receive the best possible service. Before joining Cratus, Matt completed a BA in Politics at King’s College London. He brings with him extensive knowledge of the British political system. He is passionate about political communication and the ways in which political information can be used to serve the interests of our clients. He understands the importance of effective, targeted communication through his experience of studying areas such as electoral communication and political marketing.

At Cratus, Matt’s role includes day-to-day project work such as completing political audits and monitoring reports for our clients. Matt’s work helps to identify the obstacles and issues that affect the interests of our clients. Matt supports our clients around Local Plan site allocations and planning applications and understands what is required to tailor communications accordingly. Matt has a strong interest in communicating the benefits of new development projects to local communities.

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