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Episode 2 – COP26


Last week we brought you the second episode in the Cratus and Stantec webinar series, ‘What has the environment ever done for us?’

Now available on demand this episode looks ahead to COP26 – but what is it? What is all the fuss about? Why should local government and the built environment community care about it?

Your regular panel of Nick Kilby and Vikki Slade from Cratus and Keith Mitchell, Jonathan Riggall and Jenny Hughes from Stantec were joined this time by special guest Josh Tregale.

Josh is part of Mock COP, an international initiative that, having delivered their own alternative to COP26 online conference in 2020, is now supporting and mentoring a youth led global community to engage politicians domestically in the build up to COP26.

Alongside our now monthly nominations of policy of the month, climate hypocrite of the month and climate hero of the month (who could that be?) Josh provided a compelling insight into how the climate emergency has mobilised youth across the world and how they are now looking to governments and businesses to ensure COP26 doesn’t become just another talking shop. If you have been inspired by Greta Thunberg then you certainly need to listen to what Josh has to say on this webinar.

And then get involved.

Finally, if you haven’t caught up with this or the first episode in the series here’s what leadership figures at Stantec and Cratus have had to say about what they’re getting out of their exciting new joint collaboration.

“The joy of WDTEEDFU? is that it is full of surprises and learning experiences. The climate change imperative can sometimes be overwhelming, but a positive approach to unwrapping the carbon challenge makes this a fun and informative way of breaking down an otherwise complicated issue.” – Keith Mitchell, Director, Community Development and Infrastructure – Stantec

“Two episodes in, two amazing guests and we have only just begun our genuine journey of discovery into what it will take to transform our communities. If you’re a local politician or a council officer or you’re someone working away within a community waiting to be heard on how we can live in a way that protects our environment, I hope that you will join us. This is not that we know better, it’s more about being happy to listen and learn and then work to use that to make meaningful changes to the way we live, deliver services and limit the harm for the future generations. If you have innovations or experiences you would like to share then please feel welcome to contact us.” – Nick Kilby, Chief Executive – Cratus

What has the environment ever done for us? Episode One.

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