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Cratus Group partners with 50 Shades of Planning podcast series


Cratus Group is proud to announce our partnership with Samuel Stafford on the insightful and entertaining 50 Shades of Planning podcast series.

Sam Stafford started posting on the 50 Shades of Planning blog in 2012 and in 2019 turned, it became a podcast. The series is about the foibles of the English planning system and it aims to cover the breadth of the sector both in terms of topics of conversation and in terms of guests with different experiences and perspectives. Episodes include ‘Hitting the High Notes’, which is a series of conversations with leading planning and property figures. The conversations take in the six milestone planning permissions or projects within a contributor’s career and for every project guests are invited to choose a piece of music that they were listening to at that time. Think Desert Island Discs, but for planners.

50 Shades of Planning is the podcast by planners and for planners, so it made perfect sense to join forces to continue bringing you these wonderful episodes. In this latest episode of ‘Hitting the High Notes’, Cratus Group CEO Nick Kilby joins Sam to talk about where his career started, and his journey leading up to founding Cratus 15 years ago.

Cratus Group partners with 50 Shades of Planning podcats series