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Cratus launches pre-app political reports on UK land and property


Wise developers often ask for pre-acquisition reports from planners and environmental consultants. With new Localism Act now in place (and a requirement to consult), Cratus strongly recommends developers now undertake pre-acquisition research on the political and community issues that they might face.

Every piece of land or an existing buildings has a planning history but they also have a political or community context. In order to reduce costs and inform developers of any special work required to achieve planning our reports give you a break down of the political make up of the council, when the next elections that will affect the land will be taking place and any historic events or issues that you need to be aware of before you buy.

For example: A property currently having a usage designation for employment and offices looks good for redevelopment for housing. But the Leader of the Council has in the last year run a campaign to keep employment land protected. Your site is in his ward and he is standing for election in May 2012. Early discussion will be needed with the Leader and Planners or you risk difficulties in later securing consent.

Katharine Marriott and our team will look to help you uncover these issues and more. Political and Community relationships will matter more in 2012. Best to be prepared!

Our fees range from £250 to £1000 depending on the complexity of the site or history of the existing building.

Call Katharine on 020 8546 9374 or email her on [email protected] for more information.

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