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Local Elections: Essex overview

11.04.24 | Written by Osman Dervish

With the country focused on who will win the next General Election and walk into Number 10 at some point later this year, many can be forgiven for forgetting that the Local Election campaign is well underway across the country.

On Thursday 2nd May will see elections of Metro Mayors, Local Councillors across the country as well as Police and Crime Commissioners.

With the statements of who is standing in these elections released in the last week, Cratus is this week providing an overview of council elections in Essex.

This year will see nine of the 14 local authorities in Essex have council elections, primarily in the south of Essex, with the exception of Colchester. Five of those as all-out elections and the remainder with one-third of the council up for election. Many of these authorities, will also see new ward boundaries introduced as well.

If you have planning projects or interests across south Essex or Colchester, these elections matter for you as they have the potential to fundamentally the politics of your site.

This could be through the sheer number of councillors who are up for election changing which party is in charge of the council where your site is to even change where your site is now placed in the borough!

If you have a planning project in Essex and would like to talk further about how these elections might affect you site, get in touch with Osman Dervish.

Cratus is here to help.


All-out elections in the borough are taking place this year due to the re-drawing of the political map locally. This will be a key test of the incumbent Conservative administration which withdrew the Local Plan in 2022 and a once in a generation opportunity for Labour to take back control of the council due to the boundary changes meaning that elections by thirds will be re-introduced thereafter.


All-out elections in the borough are taking place this year due to the re-drawing of the political map locally. These elections are both an opportunity for the Conservatives to try and re-gain control of the council and for the Liberal Democrats to try and win outright control as they currently govern with the aid of the two Labour councillors on the council. Elections by thirds will be re-introduced thereafter.

Castle Point

All-out elections in the borough are taking place following the decision by the council to change the election cycle to all-out elections once every four years from now onwards. This will likely be welcome news to those with development projects in the borough as it provides a degree of certainty. With the news today that all of the Conservative candidate’s nominations have been made void due to an error by their agent, the status quo of the Canvey Island Independents and People’s Independents running the council is now a foregone conclusion.


Elections by thirds here will see fights between Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats across each of the wards in the borough as we are accustomed to. A notable retirement is Liberal Democrat Michelle Burrows, Portfolio Holder for Leisure, Culture and Heritage.

Epping Forest

All-out elections in the borough are taking place this year due to the re-drawing of the political map locally. The Conservatives have been in control of the council since 2006 and face challenges from the Loughton Residents’ Association and Liberal Democrats in varying parts of the borough.


All-out elections in this borough are par for the course with the council having been both Labour and Conservative over the last 10 years in equal measure with the Conservatives currently in administration. This is a key swing borough where the result of the local election will be a significant clue as to the way the seat will go in the parliamentary election.


Election by thirds here will see the diverse political groupings we are used to seeing in Rochford battle it out with the Conservatives having the most to lose in terms of seat numbers and Labour hoping to gain it’s first seat on the council.


Elections by thirds will see the currently incumbent Conservatives fight to retain control of the council having recently seen two councillors defect. It is  prime opportunity for Labour to take control of the council and like Harlow will be significant clue as to which way the parliamentary seat of Thurrock will go.


Elections by thirds here will see if the Conservative minority administration can hold onto power with Labour having the greatest opportunity to gain seats from the Conservatives which have half of their 22 seats up for election this year. If the Conservatives, do return as the largest party, will the same independents who backed them last year continue to do so?

Essex Election Overview