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Planning during lockdown and beyond


In the second of our webinar series, Cratus had the pleasure of hosting an esteemed panel to discuss planning during lockdown and beyond. Cratus Managing Director Julian Seymour was joined by:

A key headline from the session was the ‘menu of opportunities’ presented by Steve.

Lockdown has seen us revolutionise our everyday life, from virtual planning committees to having a coffee over Zoom. Steve pointed out that this digital evolution offers us a ‘menu of opportunity’ to choose from once lockdown is lifted. The increase in digital use has connected us all on a different level and this should not be forgotten when ‘normality’ returns.

We can choose from the ‘menu’ that Steve spoke about to integrate this new found digital power with the traditional ways of working to create an improved set up.

The rest of our experienced panel then discussed how they’ve been affected in their respective roles and parts of the world. Over the hour a broad range of topics were covered from climate change, the need to create open spaces when building new communities, the rejuvenation of the high street and the importance of ‘thinking local’ during lockdown and beyond.

To hear all that our panellists had to say, watch the recording below.

On the 11th June, Cratus’ Sean Anstee will be hosting our next webinar with Birmingham City Council interim Chief Executive Chris Naylor and Urban Splash Director Nathan Cornish, with the rest of our panel to be announced in due course.

Join us to hear about the challenges currently facing Birmingham and what can be done to continue the revival of the second city. Register here.

Planning during lockdown and beyond