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Pubs and restaurants coming out of lockdown – how Cratus can support you as you work with local councils


Are you looking to reopen a local pub, city centre bar,  restaurant chain, or high street cafe?

Are you encountering obstacles around trading standards, licensing, outside area usage, or planning use class issues at a local council officer level?

To help you navigate these processes, Cratus is perfectly placed to work with hospitality operators. We do this through direct engagement with council leaders, cabinet members, and other local politicians who have significant interest in supporting local businesses and employers as we all move into the post lockdown economic recovery phase. 

We are a long established and highly trusted public affairs and advisory company specialising in fostering relationships and unlocking dialogue between local councils and the private sector organisations operating on their patch. 

As a team, we are in daily contact with local authorities – in fact many of us are active councillors including current and former leaders. Therefore, we are painfully aware of the potential for conversations to get bogged down in process at an officer level.

So, if you’re having any difficulties communicating or working with your local council officers as you look to reopen and rebuild your business, please get in touch with us via [email protected] or @CratusComm today. 

Our World is Local – and we all need our local pubs, cafes, and restaurants to thrive in the weeks and months ahead.