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World Book Day – Cratus Recommends


Last week marked World Book Day, the annual celebration of authors, illustrators and books. Once again, we asked the Cratus Group team for some recommendations for their favourite reads. Here is what they had to say:

The Promises of Giants – John Amaechi

“This is a book about leadership that isn’t just for leaders. It’s a compelling and intelligent exploration of our actions and how everything we do has consequences.”

Kennedy 35 – Charles Cummings

“The third book in Charles Cumming’s gripping new thriller series surrounding BOX 88 – a covert intelligence organization that operates below the radar.”

Empire World- Sathnam Sanghera

“Exploring the global legacy of the British Empire, and the ways it continues to influence economics, politics, and culture around the world.”

Prisoners of Geography – Tim Marshall

“A captivating blueprint for understanding the way nation states interact with each other, and the impact geographical features have had on geopolitics and diplomacy”.

Other team favourites include:

Rebecca – Daphne du Maurier

Dune (1984) – Franz Herbert

Good Material – Dolly Alderton


World Book Day - Cratus Recommends